dj just b


Brian Alvarez’s open format style takes his guests on a musical journey.


Brian Alvarez aka DJ Just B is a product of Ann Arbor who has embraced every aspect of hip hop culture and has mastered the art of the DJ. He is the most passionate DJ in the crew. Brian’s entertainment style and personality are off the charts fun. He has energy for days. Open format style and ability to blend genres allows him to take his guests on a musical journey which brings back memories and evokes emotion through music.


Brian is the founder and head instructor at Technically Sound Dj Academy where he passes along the tradition of mixing music to the next generation. Kids love him! He has been a guest speaker at Washtenaw Community College where he shares his love for music and his craft with students of all ages. If you’re looking for a Dj and a big personality that will rock your event, this is your guy! Just B has the most club experience of any of our DJ’s and he currently holds residencies at Live and Alley Bar in Ann Arbor.