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Insider Tips on DJ Scams


Before you sign that contract make sure you read it very carefully.  We often receive last minute events from frantic couples that call upset because their DJ cancelled on them.  You may be asking yourself; “How does this happen?”  You think you get a great deal on a DJ but what you didn’t realize is that some companies have a clause in their contract which allows then to cancel on you at any time.  “Why would they do that?”; you might ask.  Here’s how it works.  They entice you to book at a low price in order to fill their calendars, then they wait for another client to come along.  They quote that event at a hundred or two higher than yours and if the clients agree they simply kick  you to curb for the higher paying event.  I’ve heard of some really creative excuses over the years for why the DJ had to cancel but in the end the details were in your contract that you signed.  Although this is not an ethical business practice, it does exist and it happens routinely.

How can you avoid this?  Hire a reputable company and make sure you read your contract.  If you have any questions about the contract you should be able to speak to your DJ about it.  Another way this can be prevented is ask your DJ company about their back up plan should an emergency arise.  Are you SOL, or will they take care of you and make sure you’re covered.  Read reviews, if a company routinely does this an upset bride surely took the time to write a review about it somewhere.  Although deals can be attractive when shopping around, it may be better in the end to pay a little extra and take the worry out of your big day.


Photograph Credit:  Alice Heart Photography