Our own Mr. Worldwide, Buff1.


Jamall Bufford, aka Buff1 has been a recording and touring rap artist for over 15 years, performing in over 15 countries, both as a solo artist and as a group member. He is currently a member of rap’s first performing arts group, The Black Opera. When he’s not focusing on his own music, or leading youth workshops on writing and Hip Hop culture, Bufford is a Special Needs paraprofessional at Tappan Middle School in Ann Arbor, MI. Prior to his work at Tappan Middle School, Bufford was the Music Coordinator at Ann Arbor’s famed youth center, the Neutral Zone. At the Neutral Zone, Bufford coordinated 6 different music programs. These programs included an emcee workshop, DJ workshop, concert venue management workshop, beat making workshop, a youth ran record label, and a teen curated outdoor music and art festival called Live on Washington.

Bufford earned his B.A. from the University of Michigan in General Studies with a concentration in Sociology, but he credits Hip Hop culture and building relationships as his most valuable experiences.