Selector JoshD


Roller derby to cab driver to turntables… JoshD is our experienced people pleaser.


A world traveled and published roller derby referee with a longer career than anyone else on the planet, Selector JoshD is also a Special Educator and retired cab driver (he still rolls an old taxi as his daily driver).  Josh is an avid scooter enthusiast who’s ridden a vintage Vespa across the country and is now a Fleet Coordinator where he plays with trucks and stickers all day (just like his 3 year old daughter).

An Ann Arbor native, former boxing coach, and author of the forthcoming entrepreneurial guide titled “The Hustle,” Josh is also an awesome DJ.


He has a knack for details, event the smallest ones are important to him.  He is inquisitive by nature and constantly pursues better ways to do things.  If there is a detail you haven’t thought about for your event, you can be certain that Josh will think of it.  If you are looking for a thought-provoking, detail-oriented DJ with a super quirky and fun personality then Josh is your guy.