MI Quan


He’s like shaking a bottle of champagne.


Quan has garnered reviews from clients comparing him to Lil Jon and Flava Flave.  The greatest hype men in the business. Also known as MC Quan he is seriously the most electrifying talent you will find anywhere, period.  He is easily our most contagious personality as seen through his smile. Quan is truly the life of the party and a master of music. He was hand picked from the Ann Arbor club scene by DJ Just B and introduced to DJ DC.  It was a no brainer bringing him on board with the DJ DC crew once we saw him masterfully manipulate audiences into a frenzy. By immersing himself into the dance floor (literally), he is able to pick the perfect time to play the perfect song.   Quan is a must for any school dance. Since bringing Quan to the team 5 years ago, our reviews and reactions from students for school dances have gone from great to sensational. We have heard kids say ‘He’s massive!” He has literally transformed what it means to DJ/MC a school dance and is highly sought after so request him early.

Much to his credit he has an innate ability to dial back for weddings!  Quan understands the dynamic required to feature the couple and not himself.  He easily shifts the spotlight on their wedding day and is very skilled in transitioning through the various levels of a wedding reception.  That’s not to say he doesn’t know when and where to “turn up.”  At weddings you’ll find him, teaching people how to two step, hustle, wobble, shuffle, you name it!  He’s like the best friend you always wanted at your wedding.


Quan has been a musical artist for over 15 years now and loves writing and producing his own music.  Don’t believe us?  Check out the Nu Nu Dance.  He has performed in many cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Toledo and Windsor to name a few. In his free time he enjoys watching University of Michigan sports, especially basketball and enjoys spending time with his children.