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What to Look for When Hiring a DJ

Is music a priority for your wedding?

Wedding couples place a varying degree of importance on the music and the role that it plays in their wedding. Some people really love music, the art of DJing, and the effect it has on the dance floor. Others only care about what they want to hear and want the most direct result. I think it is important to consider what role you would like to have your DJ play. Nowadays anyone with a laptop can call themselves a DJ.  For some couples this might be the right fit. However, it is my belief that a DJ is much more than someone who puts on music.

A true professional, at the top of his game, is well-versed in all genres.  He can read a crowd through all generations, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. This entertainer is also an event coordinator and must work with vendors and caterers to make sure that the wedding is going according to the plan. He must feel the crowd out and be able to raise and lower the energy level of the audience as this may decline from time to time. A great entertainer engages the crowd when necessary and welcomes requests from your guests. His ego must be put aside in order to properly coordinate your event. An attitude during the event or an unwillingness to cooperate can have a significant negative impact on your whole night!

I have personally seen numerous failures ranging from equipment malfunctions to not showing up altogether.  A professional will carry backup gear and make an investment in top quality, brand name gear. It is important to know that you have the concentrated efforts of a dedicated career DJ if music is important to you.

From a performance standpoint, I love to make people dance and I am willing to play whatever it takes to get people on the dance floor. I leave my ego at the door and try to create a memorable event for all in attendance.

Hiring a DJ can be a complicated process and most have never done this. A few questions that I have been asked in the past that may help you in your search are:

  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • What genres are you accustomed to?
  • What will you do if nobody is dancing?
  • In case of an emergency what would happen to my event?
  • Do you mix all of the songs or do you play the full versions?
  • What makes your DJ service unique?

In my experience the food and the DJ are the most important components of any event. While the food has taken hours to prepare it is only enjoyed for about 45 minutes. The DJ is an intricate part of the entire wedding process. He is handling announcements, cocktail and dinner music, and controlling the dance floor for many hours. Having somebody you can work with and trust with the vision of your wedding is very important.

Above all else, when you hire your DJ I recommend talking face to face with them.. This way, when you go into the event you are friends and it a lot easier to work with them. There are plenty of shortcuts in hiring a DJ and it all depends on how important music is for your event. I’m sure your cousin can create an awesome playlist but only a true professional can take you through generations of music seamlessly to accommodate everyone that is coming to your special day.